Welcome cocktail at the Museum-Aquarium of Nancy
Monday 24th October, 19:30 - 21:00

The Museum-Aquarium of Nancy ( MAN) is a heritage institution for scientific culture. (distinction as « Musée de France » in 2004)
The Natural History Museum has zoological and paleontological collections and living collections, mainly ichtyological.
The building housing the museum was built in 1933, is Art Deco style. It was designed by architect Jacques André Nancy
The work is greatly inspired by the work of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
Necessary condition for the proper conservation of natural history collections, the building has a facade without windows, completely blind.
The ground floor of the building has three galleries of aquariums, with “Nautilus and Calypso” galleries, as well as the “boat room”. This floor also houses a temporary exhibition space and an amphitheater.
On the first floor are located zoology gallery and another exhibition space.
In 2011 and 2012, the aquarium galleries has been modernized and some heritage collections were incorporate in the spaces aquarium galleries. The link between living collections and natural history is clear.
Renovated in 2013, the amphitheater " Lucien Cuénot " hosts numerous events, mainly related to the scientific and technical culture.
 A public conference (in French) will be held from 18h00 to 19h30, whose subject is:
 “La lumière qui guérit: c’est à Nancy”

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After the conference, for PDT’s congress participants only, a welcome cocktail will be served in the hall Cuénot.
During the cocktail, you will be able to visit the aquarium galleries and the temporary exhibition (until 8.30 pm)
You will also be given the congress bags and badges (until 8.30 pm)
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Visit of Nancy Old City with guides - ​« From Nancy the Ducal to Nancy the Royal » - Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 - 17:45-19:00

The tour includes especially the Place Stanislas and Place de la Carrière, and measures the footprint of the last Duke of Lorraine over the city.
The charm of the Old City, medieval and Renaissance, is revealed through its architectural highlights of the history of Lorraine :  Ducal Palace, Mansions, Porte de la Craffe, Eglise Saint Epvre. . .

Through the centuries you will be surprised by so many cultural treasures whose buildings witnesses: Porte de la Craffe (14th century) Ducal Palace (16th century), private mansions ... and a whole architectural ensemble of the 18th century put on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

Highlight of your visit: Place Stanislas (entirely pedestrian) will reveal all its beauty and its richness: buildings, statues and gilded gates of Jean Lamour.
Nancy and its famous "Place Stanislas", fully restored in 2005, will seduce you    

Meeting point at the ENSIC Gate (near Porte de la Craffe) at 17:45   (end at 19:00)

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Cocktail at the City Hall of Nancy – Place Stanislas
Tuesday 25th October, 19:00 (after the visit) - 20:30

Entirely renovated, embellished and returned to pedestrians, the Place Stanislas is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.
The works to beautify the square were completed in 2005, and an exceptional quality was achieved, particularly in the gorgeous pavers which are extremely close to the original.
The gates have been gilded, the buildings and their decorative elements have been finely restored; this spectacular 18th century architectural gem square has been returned to its former glory. 
The facade above the main entrance is decorated with the coats of arms of both Stanislas and the town of Nancy.
The Town hall is the most important building of the place.
The entrance start at the foot of the stairs (ramp Jean Lamour), then continue in the square lounge with its superb mythological paintings, the dinner will be served in the reception room,  from the balconies of the room, you will admire the magnificent view of Place Stanislas.

After the visit of the old town, we invite you for a cocktail at the Town hall.
During this cocktail, a regional products presentation will be organized.
We propose to enjoy the taste of regional specialties from local producers.
These products will be on sale for you, if you like, to bring back at home, as a souvenir of your stay in Nancy.

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Gala dinner at the Centre Prouvé
Thursday 27th October, 20:00 

The Centre Prouvé is a reconversion and extension of an old and impressively sized building: the Nancy Postal Sorting Office.
The Centre Prouvé’s architects Marc Barani and Christophe Presle have used the scale of the existing site and retained the exceptional floor-to-ceiling heights: 7 m on the first three floors and 6.50 m on the fourth floor.
The Centre Prouvé is beautifully transparent, showcasing the simple, noble materials of concrete and glass. Inside this functional, open and interactive building, the breakout rooms, designed as different modules within the spacious settings, have been designed to let in maximum daylight. In paying homage to Jean Prouvé, Nancy’s internationally renowned architect and designer, the new Grand Nancy Convention Centre promises to be functional, elegant and innovative.
The PDT Gala Dinner will take place at the top of the building at the panoramic reception area.

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