Sponsorship Opportunities

You can be a partner of "PDT/PDD Update 2016". This partnership is possible through different supports such as exhibition, sponsor of sessions, sponsor of coffee breaks, dinners etc. Please contact us at pdtservices@orange.fr. The full name and address of your company will be indicated on the list of exhibitors (program) and on the website of the congress, as soon as your participation is confirmed and paid.

Sponsorship option n°1: Table top exhibit: 2 000€ / 3 800€

This exhibition will be organized as a "table-top exhibit" only, using tables of 1.40m x 0.70m. Two chairs will be provided (or four). It will be possible for the exhibitor to have enough space for totem displays; decoration on tables, signalization (name of company) are provided by the exhibitor.
* One table: "Table Top Exhibit" 1.40mx0.70m at 2000€
* Two tables: "Table Top Exhibit" 2.80mx1.40 at 3800€

Badges: Organizers will provide one free "conference badge" for one table or two free "conference badge" for two tables. Each company will have a dedicated time slot to present its product during the conference.

Sponsorhip Option n°2: Seat Cushions: 1 000€

You can participate to the improvement of the comfort of the conference room "wood seats" by sponsoring 200 seat cushions. These seats can be manufactured with your logo and can be kept by the participants.
* 200 seat cushions at 1 000€

Sponsorship Option n°3: congress briefcases/Litterature: 2 000€

200 personalized delegates briefcases can be offered to attendees and exhibitors. They will contain the official program of the conference with your logo and name of the event. 200 copies of your litterature can be provided and be put in the congress briefcases.
* 200 congress briefcases at 2 000€

Sponsorship Option n°4: Advertising in the conference program: from 1 500€

200 Conference programs will be printed and given to the conference participants in their congress briefcases. 200 will be kept at disposal for persons who cannot attend or who would like to get a second copy of the document. This document will contain all abstracts of oral contributions. (size 21.0x29.7/A4)
*4th cover at 2 000€
* 2nd cover at 1 800€
* 3rd cover at 1 500€
All documents for printing must be provided by the company.

Sponsorship option n°5: sponsoring of events: from 1 600€

Several specific sponsoring operations are available for exhibitors or commercial partners such as: coffee breaks, poster lunch or cocktail of gala dinner. For each operation, a specific announcement will be made by the conference organizers during the conference.
* Coffee breaks at 1 600€
This includes all drinks and snacks offered by the sponsor for attendees and exhibitors

* Poster lunch at 2 400€
You offer the lunch during the poster session

* Gala dinner cocktail at 2 000€
As a sponsor, you can offer the cocktail to all attendees who will participate to the gala dinner.

Exhibition and sponsorship contact:

Didier Boucher

PDT Services
39, avenue du Maréchal Gallieni
78700 Conflans Sainte Honorine - France
Tel: +33 1 39 72 67 01 / Fax: + 33 1 73 79 13 21
email: pdtservices@orange.fr